Natural Garden


We carefully select all our fields of activity to support the protection of the environment and natural resources for today’s and tomorrow’s generations. Our products, the packaging we use, our production units, and our transportation options have been completely redesigned in order to minimize our environmental impact.



We encourage environmental and biological diversity, minimization of chemical use and eco-sustainable agricultural practices. Since 2009, we contact the producers directly with our sustainable agriculture program and we have operations in many areas from soil analysis to training programs and garden surveys.
Our investments has been rising simultaneously to ensure traceability from the garden to the final product.



One of our most important priorities is to offer our country and the world a product network consisting of both delicious and useful foods. We also encourage people to buy products made from reliable raw materials and to live healthily.



Natural Garden, which acts with the vision of exporting our products to every continent. Our company, which determines suitable products for these markets and we can supply and deliver desired products very quickly thanks to our direct connections with the producers. Natural Garden grows every year with this new vision and investments that will give a taste to the world.



The feature that distinguishes the Natural Garden brand from other companies and makes it stand out in the sector is its technological innovation and excellent network. For this reason, the R/D department is one of the areas that we attach great importance to and invest constantly.
Natural Garden R/D team, which closely examines the world markets, works to create products suitable for these markets. New flavors produced in the Natural Garden R&D department, which also called “Mini Production Facility (MPF)”, can be transformed into mass production easily thanks to our flexible structure.
Our fundamental R/D strategy is to innovate and presence in the future in order to supply the humanity our fresh natural products.



Natural Garden has been developing every year for 14 years now. We are happy to state that we serve a wide range of consumers with our excellent employees. We aim equality, motivation and employee happiness in our workplace. We are against Racism and We love animals.

Natural Garden HR team is trying to create a working environment for high performance and productivity.